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What is Phlebotomy?

Our Phlebotomy Course teaches the act of collecting blood from a patient using capillary blood collection techniques, butterfly needles and venipuncture using syringes and vacutainer needles.  The blood collected from the patient is then placed in designated tubes, labeled and processed.  Once specimens have been appropriately processed, medical technicians analyze blood samples and report results to physicians.  Physicians then use laboratory results to diagnose and treat the patient.

The United States requires a minimum of 12 hours of training in phlebotomy in order to obtain a certificate.  Training is managed by The American Society of Phlebotomy Technicians.

The field of phlebotomy technology is rapidly growing, and qualified phlebotomists are in high demand.  Phlebotomists can work in mobile clinics, laboratories, nursing homes, and hospitals.  Phlebotomy training consists of learning how blood is collected, understanding venous and arterial anatomy and how to perform proper blood collection procedure without causing unnecessary discomfort to the patient.


Since a phlebotomist is exposed to blood borne pathogens and various contagious diseases, they must possess a high level of understanding concerning personal protective equipment (PPE) and routes of transmission of each type of pathogen.  The phlebotomist will be trained on proper hand washing, disinfection and sterilization standards as well as proper disposal of all soiled materials.

Becoming a Successful Phlebotomist


The Phlebotomy Training Course at North Florida Training Center for Entry Level Medical Care will give you the hands-on training, practical experience and professional support it takes to become a successful phlebotomist.


Our program provides training in:

  • Safety and Infection Control

  • Capillary Blood Collection Techniques

  • Venipuncture Technique

  • Specimen Requirements

  • Specimen Processing


We highly recommended this program for candidates who have completed training in or are already working in the health care industry.  Professional Phlebotomists have the satisfaction of knowing that their work helps to diagnose and treat illness, while contributing to the health and well-being of their communities.


Is Phlebotomy Training Right for You?


If you’re interested in learning more about Phlebotomy, call (904) 434-2949, and a helpful NFTC admissions adviser will assist you with scheduling a class.

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